These Terms of Service (TOS) requirements and the information contained herein is a request for extension of credit from Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals to the user registering for the use of this web site for commercial business use only.
     User authorizes Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals to obtain a written or oral credit report from any credit reporting agency.
     If credit is extended, User agrees to pay all debt incurred within the terms of sale.  However, should User’s debts become past due, User agrees to pay all finance charges on any past due amount at an interest rate of 1.5% per month or such lower rate as may be required by applicable law.
     User accounts with past due balances may have shipment suspended (“Credit Hold”) or may receive orders on a cash delivery (“COD”) basis, at Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals discretion, without prior notification of User.  Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals may select to maintain an account under these terms until such time as arrangements satisfactory to Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals have been made or User’s account is paid to Wickliffe Pharmaceutical’s satisfaction.  User also agrees that in the event that User’s account becomes past due and Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals deems it necessary to change User’s credit terms to COD or Credit Hold.  Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals is under no obligation to provide User with any other credit terms.
     User further expressly agrees to pay all interest, finance charges, collection cost and/or attorney fees incurred in connection with the collection of User’s account.  Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals may also use any of the remedies available to it under the Uniform Commercial code or any other applicable law, and may pursue such remedies without prior notification to User.  User also agrees that any delay or failure of Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals to enforce its rights under its Terms of Service shall not prevent Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals from enforcing any such rights at a later time.
     User warrants (I) that the party registering their use of this web site on behalf of the User has the authority to do so on behalf of the User and (II) that the representations of the User contained herein are true.  By registering for this web site, User agrees and acknowledges its responsibility to notify Wickliffe Pharmaceuticals immediately in writing upon change of any of the information contained herein, including without limitation (I) the ownership of User or (II) the identity of the financially responsible party under these Terms of Service.
     If User is doing business other than as an individual, a principle of the User must guarantee the payment and performance of all obligations of the User as the financially responsible party.  The individual registering for the use of this web site as the financially responsible party assumes personal liability for the payment and performance obligations of the User and may be called upon to pay any and all outstanding obligations of User.